January 23, 2021

Best SAT Prep Book Reviews – Prepare for the SAT for Under $100!

Coming up next is a succinct guide on the best way to get ready for the SAT for under $100! Simply look for these items on Amazon.com to get the recorded costs

SAT Prep can be broken into three phases:

1) learning the material;

2) rehearsing the material and distinguishing shortcomings; and

3) defeating your shortcomings.


Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide 2011 – $13.59

Basically, this is extraordinary compared to other Best SAT Prep books out there. At $13.59 it is a remarkable take. It has everything from exercises to 5 practice tests to jargon developers to significant guidance about the paper segments.

Splitting the SAT, 2011 Edition – $12.86

This present book’s quality is its point by point clarifications of the 5 practice tests in the book (one is on the web). It additionally has extraordinary SAT test taking techniques notwithstanding an instructive way to deal with SAT articles. There have been a few issues with the online access terminating, so try to actuate the site access when you get the book.


Free SAT Practice Test – $0

In the wake of contemplating these SAT books, accept this free test as an indicative test. The site offers quick score reports, which you should use to make sense of what kinds of inquiries give you inconvenience. With this information, experience the above SAT books and materials and spotlight only on those shortcomings. After you have gained noteworthy ground, you will need to start the training tests in the Official SAT Study Guide.

SimuGator: SAT Prep Edition DVD (Use with SAT Practice Tests) – $14.99

This is a video reproduction of the SAT for understudies to use alongside their training tests. It fills three needs: 1) effectively delegating your tests by clicking play once, 2) decreasing test day uneasiness, and 3) expanding focus through a discretionary Distractions Mode that constructs resistance to interruptions that could bring down your score. This is actually an extraordinary item, particularly on the off chance that you are an awful government sanctioned test taker.

The Official SAT Study Guide, second release – $12.86

Incorporates 10 practice tests, 3 of which are ongoing tests. This book likewise has focused on question practice to assist you with fortifying your powerless territories. What is extremely perfect about this book is the online segment: you gain admittance to online answer clarifications and free online score reports.


Buy these books relying upon what your shortcomings are.

Barron’s SAT Critical Reading Workbook – $10.19

In spite of the fact that the Gruber’s and Cracking the SAT work admirably of showing SAT standards, we generally suggest that understudies buy material that is solely given to every specific area. This book covers the basic understanding segment. It is incredible in light of the fact that it sorts inquiries by trouble and has definite clarifications. Gradually work through this book, advancing up to Level C to be totally arranged for test day.